Actresses, comedians and other female artists and entertainers have shown that their impact in the entertainment industry goes far beyond their looks and appearances. They have left an indelible mark at the Oscars, arguably one of those most prestigious awards show worldwide. They have been nominated - and won - the award for Best Actress, Best Director and made history by hosting the industry's most acclaimed show.

Even though the gap in nominations and awards between women and men is still quite vast, it is evident that women are not stepping down. Every year a new accomplishment is achieved, showing that the future may just, after all, be female.

Join us on a time-machine rewind of the Oscars, showcasing how women like Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz, and Ellen DeGeneres have shaped the industry and in turn, the show.

Check out how women have been breaking barriers in Hollywood, the entertainment history, and prominent award ceremonies like the Oscars


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