Tom Brady Roma movie reaction

Before Tom Brady takes center stage at the Super Bowl LIII this weekend, the New England Patriots quarterback took part in an entertaining Q&A session, where his team and their competition (the Los Angeles Rams, in case you didn't know!) answered the hottest questions about football, "haters," more football and what not. But the NFL Super Bowl's opening night took a Hollywood turn when one interviewer asked Tom his thoughts on the Golden Globe-winning/Oscar-nominated flick Roma, which stars our QUEEN Yalitza Aparicio. His answer may or may not surprise you.

During the Superbowl's opening night, Tom Brady revealed that he has not yet seen Alfonso Cuaron's Roma

If you guessed that the 41-year-old pro-athlete hadn't seen Alfonso Cuaron's movie, then you're right! "Have you seen Roma?," one interviewer excitedly asked during the Q&A session. And Tom (bless him) responded with, "Roma? What's Roma?" 

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That response only prompted the fan further: "Roma, the movie," he declared. "It's nominated for twelve Oscars!" Although he got the number of nominations wrong (it's actually ten!), we like this fan's spirit. The American quarterback once more replied that he hadn't seen it because he's been busy with football season and prepping for his ninth (again, bless him) Super Bowl this Sunday (February 3). "I haven't seen it, I'm sorry," Tom replied. "I've been under a rock watching football games for the last four or five months." 

In the end, the fan urged Tom to watch it before the Oscars. "Well you gotta watch it," he said. "That movie is, like, beautiful. It's the best!" So true! Tom ended the exchange with a big hug, and from the looks of it, we're pretty sure he'll check out the Netflix flick, at least after he's completed his big game.

In other Super Bowl/celebrity-related news, there are (Twitter) rumors that Travis Scott will propose to Kylie Jenner this Sunday night! Keep you posted!

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