A TV empire, three children and a new book — yup, we're pretty sure there isn't anything Shonda Rhimes can't do. The TV producer, who has created hit shows including Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, has released her first memoir Year of Yes.

And while Shonda is known for her powerful leading lady characters, she admits that she was a far cry from them. In her book, the 45-year-old gets candid about her introverted nature, huge accomplishments and biggest fears.


Shonda decided to say 'yes' to new experiences – and reveals what she learned in her new booPhoto: Getty Images for Massachusetts Conference for Women

Over the past decade, the producer has earned a number of honors, including nine Emmys under her Shondaland umbrella. The writer's show How to Get Away with Murder also yielded a historic best actress win for Viola Davis. After achieving monumental success with her television shows and reinvigorating the careers of actresses like Ellen Pompeo and Kerry Washington, the network titan found her life in a rut.

While everything might have seemed picture perfect in the writer's life, she reveals that was not the case. Because of a deep-seated unhappiness and shy nature, Shonda often found herself turning down public appearances and prestigious events, eventually leading to a life she no longer recognized.

Things took a turn one Thanksgiving morning when her older sister casually chided the hit TV maker’s hermit-like tendencies, leading to a renewed commitment to saying "yes." During the course of the next year, Shonda accepted new opportunities that presented themselves to her, including events at the White House, a pre-taped appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and a 20-minute commencement speech at her Ivy League alma mater, Dartmouth College.

In the spirit of new beginnings, we're revealing five of Shonda’s tips to live your best year yet!

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