Cardi B Hustlers Bantu Knots

Cardi B attends 'Hustlers’ event in this classic 90's inspired hairstyle

A modern-day twist!

Cardi B is ready for her Hollywood debut in the upcoming film, Hustlers, which hits theaters September 13. The motion picture is inspired by exotic dancers who come together and trick Wall Street clients and their pockets. As a unit, the women of New York City's underground lifestyle hustle the biggest billionaires and enjoy a big payout. To celebrate one of her many successes, the I Like It  Like That rapper, hit the red carpet alongside co-stars Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, and Lili Reinhart. The leading ladies joined forces to create cinematic history while attending the film’s press event looking fabulous from head-to-toe. Though the stars' looks blew us away, Cardi's 90’s inspired Bantu knots stole the show. 

Keke, Cardi, JLo, Constance and Lili star together in upcoming 'Hustlers' film

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In all fairness, 90's hairstyles are some of the most iconic to date, so it makes sense most celebrities hitting the scene today are inspired by trends they grow up watching. The decade brought us hairstyles named after TV show characters, eyeshadow looks after celebrity music videos and more. We were introduced to butterfly hair clips, crystals-bandanas and a ton of other accessories. Hence, why the 26-year-old female rapper turned heads with her (now seen as retro) Mel B-approved hair look.

The 'Bodak Yellow' artist pays homage to 90's hair trend

Taking a page out of a few celebrities beauty books, Kulture’s momma pulled off the Bantu-inspired hair look with a modern-day twist Egyptian-blue hue hair color — making the beauty look very much her own, in true Cardi fashion. She added a sleek side-swept bang and bouncy flipped ends. Her knots were created with a zig-zag style and showcasing her baby hairs (which we refer today as our flyaways). To match her red carpet-ready style, she showed off oversize sunglasses, Latina-approved hoops and a chic tiny-lime green purse.

Now & Then: Cardi serving face in her yellow and purple dotted bodycon dress, Mel B sporting a bronze metallic two-piece look

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Though some believe the 90s birthed this hair look, Bantu knots originated from the African Zulu tribe in 1898. Over the years, the twist-and-bond hairstyle has made a comeback with celebrities including Scary Spice, Rihanna, Tracee Ellis Ross and more A-listers.What's your favorite 90's ready beauty trend? 

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