Cameron Diaz Short Haircut

Cameron Diaz on why every woman needs a major haircut now

Short tresses are 'in' for those life-changing moments

Cameron Diaz has been one of America’s sweethearts ever since the 1990s blockbusters Something About MaryThe Mask and of course, My Best Friend's Wedding. In Hollywood and throughout the U.S. the Cuban-American actress was known for her short bleach blonde haircut. While catching up with Instyle the 46-year-old star took a moment to look back at her 'hair' story throughout the years. 

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“I was probably a little crazy at the time too which was why I wanted to cut all my hair off,” Cameron told Instyle. The beauty author has been known for dancing to the beat of her own drum and believes no one can ever put her in a box. 

Cameron during the highlight of her 90s acting career

It's safe to say, when a woman changes her hair with a big chop she is ready to change her life.

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“You know when you’re going through those periods of time when you’re like ‘I’m gonna get bangs,’ you know what bangs mean right… just like a lot of emotions. Or when you have to cut off all of your hair because you’re just like ‘I’m starting over,” the actress explained to the magazine.

The Cuban-American actress on the set of Something About Mary with her short platinum locks

After her successful acting career, the Charlie’s Angel star took an intellectual approach to the beauty arena with her best-selling work, The Body Book. Following her publication debut, the star released The Longevity Book, in which she reveals her tricks on anti-aging. Talk about a powerful turnaround!

Though these days Cameron is happily married to Good Charlotte band member Benji Madden living a simple life with her long hair, she doesn’t regret her 'short hair, don’t care' days. 

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