Beyoncé eliminated these foods in order to 'rebuild' her body ahead of Coachella performance

Beyoncé felt the pressure to get back to her perfect body, after having her twins. The Lemonade singer got candid about her fitness journey on the road to her headlining performance at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music Festival in her new Netflix documentary, Homecoming. The 37-year-old superstar revealed that at the time of Rumi and Sir’s birth in June 2017, she weighted 2018 lbs. It would only be a few months, before she began rehearsals for the big performance – which saw her taking the stage ten months after the twins were born.

Beyoncé eliminated carbs, sugar and alcohol from her diet ahead of her Coachella performance 

The Sorry singer admitted that getting back on stage, after the birth of her youngest children, brought a bigger challenge than she has seen before. “A lot of the choreography is about feeling, so it’s not as technical, it’s your own personality that brings it to life,” she said during the film. “That’s hard when you don’t feel like yourself. I had to rebuild my body from cut muscles. It took me a while to feel confident enough to give my own personality.”

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Part of the process included getting strict about her diet and making serious cuts to her food. "In order for me to meet my goals, I'm limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol... I'm hungry," the Hold Up singer noted. "Just trying to figure out how to balance being a mother of a six-year-old and of twins that need me, and giving myself creativity, and physically, there's a lot to juggle. It's not like before when I could rehearse 15 hours straight. I have children. I have a husband. I have to take care of my body."

The Sorry singer said she had to "rebuild" her body after the birth of her twis 

After taking the stage and becoming the first black woman to headline the music festival, all of the Queen’s hard work and sacrifice paid off. “I just feel like I’m just a new woman in a new chapter of my life and I’m not ever trying to be who I was,” she said. “It’s so beautiful that children do that to you.”

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Beyoncé and the Beyhive weren't  the only people celebrating the release of the documentary and live album. Ahead of the premiere of the Netflix special, Shakira took to her Instagram to share one of the biggest photo tricks she learned from the singer. In the picture, the Clandestino singer poses against a mirror, appearing taller than she really is. "To look taller always put yourself at the front row of a pic," she wrote. "Learned this lesson on perspective from Beyoncé while shooting “Beautiful Liar." 

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