Jennifer Lopez bikini body

With beach – and bikini body – season on the way, we're looking for some inspiration! And what's better than checking out celebrity fitness, from workouts to diet secrets, from our favorite stars? Hitting the gym, drinking protein shakes and being careful with some healthy eating are some of the most common ways to lose those extra sugary and carb-filled pounds, but we want to know what these fit celebs are doing to get in shape. So check out what Jennifer Lopez, Khloé Kardashian and more gorgeous ladies whose dedication to healthy bodies inspires us to become the best and most confident versions of ourselves by not only being fit and healthy for the summer, but all year round.


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Especially inspirational is actress Roselyn Sanchez, who is all about loving yourself and excelling in everything you do! This star’s instagram account is filled with inspirational quotes, family activities, work life, and of course, workouts. Another Latina Powerhouse who has an astonishing body and great confidence is our beloved Jennifer Lopez whose Puerto Rican body and dance moves constantly amaze us. In preparation for her role in Hustlers, Jenny from the Block has taken pole dancing lessons, which are conveniently said to be one of the best full body workouts out these days. We see you JLo!

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