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Latinas are known for being beauty experts, as we grow up seeing our mamás, tias and abuelas practice self-care through their appearances. Inspired by her upbringing, Emmy-nominated TV host turned beauty founder, Bianca De La Garza, launched her very own skincare brand. The “In GLO We Trust” skincare-meets-makeup collection consists of a carefully curated selection of five products that deliver immediate visible results while providing long-term skincare benefits. 

“In GLO We Trust” full collection

Inspired by her trailblazing journey, we caught up with the Mexican-American entrepreneur on her latest skincare innovations, beauty secrets and her most recent beauty TV programming. Keep scrolling to find out how you can be a beauty guru and boss lady too. 


Why did you start a skincare-meets-makeup brand? 
I've been around cosmetics my entire life. From a young age, I watched mamá get ready for her trips as an American Airlines flight attendant. In her case, it was a world where, any day, she could fly to an exotic country an ocean away and experience an entirely different culture of beauty. Then, starting in my 20s, I was on TV daily as a TV journalist and it was my job to look a certain way. Over the year, I used so many products. At one point, I was giving my skin a break between TV projects and I didn’t want to go out barefaced, but I also didn’t need heavy coverage. I was looking for something that could be an effective solution: When I didn't find what I needed, I decided to create it myself.

 Emmy-nominated TV host turned beauty founder, Bianca De La Garza

What are some Mexican beauty secrets you still use today?
Growing up, my prima Cindy and I would spend summers in Monterey as teenagers. When we got ready together, it was always about the eyes. Remember to use eye treatments and de-puffers.To this day we're still addicted to curling our eyelashes too! My In GLO We Trust Illuminating eye creme pays homage to my tia and mama. It blurs circles and instantly de-puffs and can be used on your lids to combat crepey lids.

Bianca using the In GLO We Trust Illuminating eye creme

With glow-getting being an everlasting trend in beauty, how does your product line differ from other brands?
I did tons of research when formulating. I couldn't find a highlighter that gave skin care benefits, satisfying hydration and that left a natural shimmer you could apply all over your face. It simply did not exist. With Bianca de la Garza Beauty product, we're treating your skin, improving its feel and texture, leaving you with a radiant luminosity. Effortless and effective skincare is what we are giving today’s woman on the go. 


Tell us about your newest tv program 'Beauty Planet'? 
I've developed a block of beauty programming called 'Beauty Planet' where I'll be the Host and Cable Programming Executive. We have a full slate of shows in development at my production company Garza Digital at the Beauty Planet studios in Los Angeles. The goal is to inspire young women all around the world to change the world. 

What's your favorite product thus far from the line?
That’s hard, I love them all and use them all daily. The In GLO We Trust Illuminating serum is amazing because it’s so simple to apply and carry anywhere, yet gives incredible instant and long term results. I love the Neck and Décolletage Creme because the delivery is relaxing and the color is a beautiful wash of glow.

Try the In GLO We Trust Illuminating serum and Neck and Décolletage Creme

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