Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beauty routine

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals beauty routine - here's how she gets that flawless complexion

Newly-elected congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making headlines fighting for universal healthcare, climate change and tuition-free college, but recently she's also had to fight off critics of her chic fashion choices and her dance moves. Her style has become the subject of many conversations and as her star has risen, the millennial Bronx-born Latin has reached nearly iconic status among her legion of admirers and supporters. So it was quite the treat for fans when the 29-year-old New Yorker shared her seriously flawless makeup routine to her Insta stories.

Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez shared her beauty and makeup routine in a series of Instagram stories

"People want me to post my skin-care routine," she wrote in a story. To avoid being "too product-placementy," the Democratic Rep. described her regimen without naming any specific products. The first step in Alexandria's process is double cleansing. "If you wear makeup - esp foundation - you should double cleanse," she wrote. She suggests cleansing with a balm or an oil in order to "melt off the makeup." Afterwards, a regular soapy cleanser should be used to completely wash the skin. If this is all too much for you, she recommends using a face wipe every night before bed to break the habit of leaving makeup on at night. But never use an alcohol-based wipe.

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The next step in her routine, which she calls "a blend between K-beauty and scientific consensus," is applying toner and actives.  "Toner should not have alcohol in it," Alexandria shared. "It should feel like water but more nourishing," she said, adding that she usually uses witch hazel toners. As for the actives – a Vitamin C or retinol serum should be layered on after the alcohol-free toner.

The last step includes moisturizer and sunscreen. "Use a moisturizer that works with your skin," she wrote. "I find moisturizer to be one of the most personal steps bc everyone's skin is different and it's like finding jeans that fit." The New York congresswoman then urged people to use sunscreen, which she's been applying daily since she was nineteen. "I've been bad about it lately & can tell the difference," she confessed.

The New York congresswoman also revealed that on some days, she doesn't wear makeup Photo:Instagram/ocasio2018

Besides sharing her beauty routine, the congresswoman also revealed how she does her makeup (AKA those iconic red lips!). She uses a blend of drugstore and "nice" items. For her everyday look, she'll wear "tinted moisturizer or bb cream, concealer, mascara, blush, stick highlighter, brow gel, and lip color." On "fancier days" she'll add powder, contour, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. Also, like a boss lady, Alexandria will forgo this whole list sometimes and go au naturel. "I also straight up don't wear makeup some days," she said. "And everyone just has to deal with it." 

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