Thalía is a woman who will never shy away from a business challenge. In addition to her successful career roles as an actress, singer and fashion designer, she can now add a haircare products line to her list of accomplishments. Tommy Mottola’s wife took to Instagram to let the world know the next project she'd be taking on: beauty entrepreneur. “I present you 'Adria by Thalía!' I’m very happy and super excited to tell you about my new line of haircare beauty products,” she wrote next to a carousel of photos where she is seen flaunting her gorgeous locks.

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In a video earlier this week, Thalía hinted to her fans that something big was on the horizon. “I have something to tell you!! Let’s see if you can guess,” she said without divulging further clues as to what she was working on. Some excited followers thought she was referring to a new album. Others, who were even more excited, believed she would be making a dramatic return to telenovelas.

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Eventually, Thalía let everyone in on the big secret by announcing her new line of products. The actress had been working on this special project for months, and she was anxiously awaiting telling her fans and admirers. The singer explained that the entire line is available at Walmart stores and everything sells for less than ten dollars. “Your hair should be as strong and vibrant as you,” she said of how the haircare idea came about. “I did it thinking of you, my dears,” she added enthusiastically.

With this new products line, Thalía adds a new challenge to her life as an entrepreneur. For years she’s been dedicated to her fashion and accessories line that fans adore and that she often wears to events.

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Unstoppable Woman

Thalía’s multiple projects and daily meetings keep her extra busy, but she's a master at coordinating her schedule. This allows her to make time for each of her many projects, which include being an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife and a woman. Always wearing a big smile, the Mexican actress makes time in her day to balance work and play with her kids. And she even finds time to visit new places on the weekends.

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Thalía also maintains her figure with a balanced diet and exercise. And as if that weren’t enough, she never fails to make her fans smile with her social media posts. There’s no doubt she’s a woman with a lot of energy!

Thalía never fails to make her fans smile through social media Photo: Instagram/@thalia

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