While Meghan Markle has traded her glamorous existence as a Hollywood actress for the even more high-profile life of royal at fiancé Prince Harry's side, some things – like her glossy hair and classic wardrobe filled with neutral hues – haven't changed. But one thing that apparently has been oh-so-subtly tweaked is her makeup style. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Meghan's former make-up artist Spencer Barnes, whose clients include Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough, says that Meghan has always loved the natural look, but her new life seems to have led her to have an even more polished style. "I think some people thought it would elevate it, become stronger, but I think it's become more subtle, more nuanced," he said, adding: "She's kept that understated, refined and sophisticated quality."

Meghan has previously said that she doesn't like to cover her freckles, and she has continued a sheer, natural makeup look even during the most high profile of royal engagements Photo: Getty Images

The makeup guru believes that Meghan has worn less make-up since last November's engagement announcement. He explained: "I don't think naturally she's a person that wants or needs or feels like she has to put on a lot. She's softly defined, and that's when she shines her brightest and looks her best."


We all can't wait to see what wedding dress the former Suits star will choose for her big day on May 19, but we are also wondering what her makeup will look like. Based on what Spencer has revealed, we think we can expect her to stick to a more natural look for her royal wedding day. In the interview, he said that Meghan was always keen to emphasise her "fresh, radiant skin" and loved neutral colours – "earthy tones, peaches, golds, browns, a lot of rich, warm tones" – whenever they worked together. "We never did heavy make-up for Meghan, she didn't really need it."


Hollywood style: Spencer shared one of Meghan's bolder makeup looks on his Instagram account in 2016 Photo: Getty Images

He recalled: "We did [a red lip] once on a red carpet. It was really fun and she got a lot of attention for it, but typically, she'll wear nude or a peachy nude."

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