Met Gala hair trend of the night: How to wear the sleek look three ways

It was all about being sleek! While the attire at the 2016 Met Gala was all about keeping it tech savvy, the beauty was still elegant and classy. In order to complete their looks, some of Hollywood's leading ladies went for the ultimate sleek hairstyle.

With the end of the Met Gala comes the beginning of some of the hottest trends in fashion and beauty. Celebrity hairstylist Fabio Scalia of New York's Fabio Scalia Salon has all of the tips and tricks needed to score some of the hottest hair looks from the Met Gala. Whether you want to keep it long and sleek like Beyonce and Katie Holmes, achieve a high pony like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, or slick your hair back with a low bun like Lily Aldridge and Kate Bosworth, Fabio shares with HELLO! how to get the right look.


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Sleek and Down: Beyoncé and Katie Holmes
Getting your hair this straight is of course that much harder if your hair is curly to begin with. If your hair is curly, you want to start by blow drying your hair from soaking wet to as straight as possible. You want to use a de-frizzer and an anti-frizz balm or a smoothing leave in conditioner. Anything that helps you to smooth your hair down.


After you're done blow drying, you can then use a flat iron (I recommend a T3 flat iron and the Oribe Soft Lacquer Heat styling spray), that helps heal and protect your hair from the heat. The trick is when you flat iron, you do not want to take a section more than half an inch. Using sections that are a quarter of an inch is ideal to get that sleek look.

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Sleek high-pony: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid
The best thing to do for this look is make sure your hair is stick straight before you begin to style. Then use a Mason Pearson type brush, that really helps with this type of look because it has a good grip and makes the hair shiny and smooth. The best trick is to put your hand upside down where you want your ponytail to land then brush your hair with the other hand so it folds over the upside down hand naturally. Then finish the look with an oil or shiny hairspray. You can also take this look even further by adding extensions to it and use the extensions to wrap around the ponytail, covering the rubber band.


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Sleek low bun: Lily Aldridge and Kate Bosworth
For this type of style, start by tilting your head down and comb all your hair back to the neck area. Then when you are ready to put it into the pony, put your hand flat behind and brush your hair into your hand. That will give it a flat smooth look without any grain. Instead of using a hairspray, which can make your hair hard and unable to correct, use a silicone paste or wax to make it softer and smoother.

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