It is the latest beauty trend giving some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood a dew-kissed look! Strobing – basically, highlighting the parts of the face that catch light – is a trick used by makeup artists and hailed as the 'new contouring' by bloggers and beauty addicts around the world. A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez and Karlie Kloss are already on board with the makeup trend, and with these simple steps, you can be too. We take a look at how to master this major beauty trend with a step-by-step guide…

Jourdan Dunn, Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lopez are fans of strobing Photo: Getty Images

Before you begin:
Make sure to choose a highlighter that suits your skin tone, to avoid a washed-out look. If you have paler skin, opt for champagne or pale pink shades; if you have olive skin, try dusty pink or rose tones; if you have dark skin, go for colors with a warm bronze or gold hue. Handy tip: stick to liquid or cream powders with illuminating factors as these work better for creating the dewy glow.

Step one: Make sure to moisturize!
Use an oil-free moisturizer with SPF to give your complexion a hydrating boost before you begin. Not only will this keep your skin healthy, but it will add to the look's fresh-faced finish.

Fresh faced at yesterday's show! Thank u @sundayriley x vb #VBSS16

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Products used for Victoria Beckham's strobed spring-summer 2016 models included prep with Sunday Riley's Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm, $50, and added glow with Madina Milano's Chic & Shine Stick, $17 Photo: Getty Images

Step two: Prep and prime your skin
Apply a primer that matches your skin tone, then add a touch of foundation or tinted moisturizer for a smooth, even finish. Add a bit of concealer to hide any remaining blemishes. Make sure that you stick to matte shades – the only product which should shimmer is the highlighter.

Step three: Apply the highlighter
Apply the highlighter in strokes to the key places the light will catch your face: the middle of your forehead, cheekbones, eyebrow bone, the tip of your nose, the Cupid's bow and finally, the center of your chin. Don't spread the product all over your face – otherwise you could risk a greasy finish. If you have oily skin, avoid your forehead and chin as these will have a shine already. Remember, when it comes to strobing – less is more!

Well, hello cheekbones! Karlie Kloss shows off her highlights Photo: Getty Images

Step four: Blend, blend, blend
Like contouring, the key to successful strobing is blending. Using your fingers or a brush, start by blending the harsh edges of the highlighter lines into your skin. Keep blending the product until the lines are no longer visible, making sure the rest of the product fades into the rest of your complexion.

Step five: Complete the look
Add a hint of blush to avoid looking too pale or washed out. If you want to amp the glam factor, then define your eyes with a touch of eyeliner and dramatic long, thick lashes.

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