Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury's top 5 beauty rules of the season

She counts Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian and Amal Clooney as fans of her work and now Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in both the fashion and film industry. Famed for her ability to draw the perfect cat eye (what she refers to as the "feline flick") it was only a matter of time before the auburn-haired artist launched her own line.

Charlotte with close friend Amal Clooney Photo: Getty Images

Here, she spills her five top tips for looking amazing as you step out this season:

PERFECT LIGHTING: “Makeup is about playing with texture to create a modern look that makes [your beauty] feel contemporary. I especially love playing with the finish on the eyes to create a glazed texture that has a really hypnotic kind of light. It’s like something you would see in an incredibly well-lit movie – but you get the effect in real life.”

THE CLASH: “Mismatched, clashy makeup colours that don’t work with your skin tone make you look older. You want people to say, ‘Wow, you look hot this evening.’ You don’t want to hear, ‘Wow, you’re wearing makeup.’ The best makeup is the kind that makes you look gorgeous without being obvious.”

“I don’t mind colored eyeliners that are subtle, like a midnight blue or teal, but the shade should be nearly black. You want the color to be something you see in hindsight – it’s not like an ’80s electric blue, which I think is a little on the scary side.”

TO THINE OWN SELFIE BE TRUE: “Find your best side, hold your camera above you to make you look thinner and younger, smile in the eyes and then work out your best pose – some people have a mini facelift effect when they smile – and be sure to use the flash because it bleaches everything out and makes you look fabulous.”

MODERN CLASSICS: “I love Old Hollywood glamour, but with everything I do, I take inspiration from the past and remodel it with a modern flair. If I think about the rock chick, for example, I think of Kate Moss, but seen through a Brigitte Bardot lens.”


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