Jennifer Lopez hasn't done this everyday activity in over 20 years!

The singer was gifted a red convertible Porsche by Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez rang in her 50th birthday with lots of family, friends and gifts, one of which was a red hot convertible Porsche gifted to her by her fiancé Alex Rodriguez. But that wasn't the biggest surprise—when the former pro-baseball player posted the video on his social media channel documenting the big reveal to JLo, he let slip that the 50-year-old superstar was going to be gifted a car despite not having driven for 25 years. Yes, 25 years! 

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Jennifer Lopez has not driven in twenty-five years

"There's a lot of pressure because it's Jennifer's birthday coming up on July 24th and we've been thinking about what do we get for Jennifer for her birthday," Alex tells the camera, while his two daughters Ella and Natasha are laughing next to him. "What do you get someone who already has everything? You have to be creative. We've been talking about maybe a car." 

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After deciding on a shiny red Porsche with a hefty price tag of $120,700, A-Rod reveals JLo hadn't gotten behind the wheel for some time. "The irony is we're gonna buy her a car, but she hasn't driven in twenty-five years," he joked. In the video, Alex is seen prepping with all the kids, including JLo's twins Emme and Max before surprising the singer. Following the rehearsal, Alex blindfolds Jennifer and takes her out to the front yard as they wait for the kids to drive up in the Porsche. 

When she finally takes the blindfold off and sees her gift, the Dinero singer freaks out. "Omg, I'm going to have to drive," she exclaims. "I've never driven a car like that! I've never had a car like this! I've never driven a car period." The camera then follows her and Alex as they drive off, and the couple share a sweet moment together.  "Oh my god, I haven't driven in so long baby. You're giving me my independence back," she tells him. "I did not expect anything like this. This is so crazy. I felt like the party was enough."

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The 50-year-old was gifted a 2019 red covertible Porsche by Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer wasn't the only one getting showered with gifts last week. For his 44th birthday, JLo surprised him on stage during her It's My Party concert in Miami.

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