For Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, little Archie’s arrival has been a wonderful, life-changing event. But besides bringing great joy to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the two-month-old baby’s birth has captivated the attention of thousands of loyal fans. There’s no doubt the royal pair has become one of the most influential couples of today, therefore, making their son’s name a very popular choice. So much so, that it’s almost become an Archimania since his royal birth on May 6.

Archie Harrison es el nombre más popularVIEW GALLERY According to a new report, Archie is the most popular baby boys name of 2019 thus far 

According to a new report performed by Nameberry – an online portal specialized in baby names – Archie has established itself as the most popular boys’ name of 2019 thus far. The couple’s choosing of the name Archie took many who aimed for names such as Arthur, James, Philip, and Albert by surprise. However, the proud parents had already made up their minds for the baby who was recently baptized.

Archie Harrison, Meghan Marke y el príncipe HarryVIEW GALLERY The name Archie carries the special meaning of courage.

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Meghan Markle y el príncipe HarryVIEW GALLERY The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are one of today's most-loved couples

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A very special meaning

Although Archie isn't considered a popular name among royals, its meaning is a special one as it denotes courage. Furthermore, his second name - Harrison - contains a tradition of past centuries that means "son of Harry."

Archie Harrison y la familia real británicaVIEW GALLERY Baby Archie was baptized on July 6, 2019

Moreover, it should be noted that Louis - the name Kate Middleton and Prince William gave their youngest son - also has a special place on the popular names list as number 32. As for girls, the most common name of 2019 is Isla, meanwhile, Charlotte the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s daughter’s name appears in fifth place.

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