Joao Maleck fatal car accident latest news: police searching for passenger

According to official sources, there are witnesses who claim the soccer player was not alone the night of the accident and that evidence might have been removed from the crash scene

Authorities in Mexico have announced that there will be a review of evidence-gathering procedures in the investigation into the fatal car accident in which Joao Maleck was involved last month. A newlywed couple died on June 23 in the collision, and the soccer player was charged with homicide. However, the judge presiding over the case recently dismissed two of the aggravating factors: speed and alcohol ingestion. Jalisco´s General Attorney Gerardo Solís Gómez expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision as he announced the review on July 1, and revealed that police are searching for Mr Maleck’s passenger on the night of the accident.

 Sevilla Atlético Club press rep Juan Morales made no comments when asked about the soccer player´s case

According to reports in the Mexican media, the State prosecutors have witnesses that claim there was a person with Joao Maleck on the night leading up to the accident who may have taken evidence from the crime scene. The General Attorney said during a press conference: “Related to the issue of bottles being taken out of the car, or any other objects related to the alleged club night, we have been searching for the person who was with Joao, we have a witness claiming this key person was the one doing exactly that, we don’t have his identity, but we are on the search.”

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The automobile collision happened in Guadalajara, where the sports star was holidaying. According to reports, a video has been circulating on social media where allegedly, Joao could be seen dancing in a club hours before the accident, which took place at 9am in the morning. Toxicology tests showed days later he had consumed alcohol before the crash. Joao was then charged with homicide and has been detained in his native Mexico while the case is ongoing. The rising soccer star, who was a member of Mexican soccer team Santos now plays for Sevilla Atlético Club.

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