Although Colombian sensation Sofia Vergara loves to be in the spotlight and render the best performance every time she is in front of the camera, her passion for acting has also contributed to a certain disease that causes the reddening and swelling of the skin - rosacea - and has been an ongoing struggle for nearly a decade.


Mrs. Manganiello confessed in an interview with Who What Wear that the condition turns her skin bright red because the blood vessels dilate, which also leads to acne and extreme sensibility in the skin.

I have struggled with this for six or seven years. It is hard because I get very red, so I realized that I need to treat my skin as a sensitive skin, which I did not do before," she revealed.


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Sofia has also had to change her trusty, go-to beauty products, since some of them cause secondary reactions to her skin. “I loved products and I tried them all, whatever you said. If you told me to put cement under my eyes, I would do it. Unfortunately all that fun is over.”


Besides treatments, the Modern Family star has turned to new products to keep her skin healthy. “I can't use moisturizers or heavy oils anymore. I must keep it simple,” she explained.

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Sofia Vergara’s healthy skin care

Even before knowing that she had this disease, Sofia Vergara followed the best skin care recommendations. For sensitive skin, she explained: “I am religious about removing my makeup at night. I do not expose myself to the sunlight. Not a mystery at all," she added.


In her care list, the actress who will turn 47 in July added that she sleeps well, she does not drink a lot of alcohol and besides not sleeping with her makeup on, she does not leave home without sunblock. With these precautions, Sofia can enjoy sunny days without worries.

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