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#Goals Joe Manganiello on his favorite thing to do with wife Sofia Vergara

Joe Manganiello loves everything about his wife – everything. The Magic Mike star recently opened up about his relationship with Sofia Vergara and the things that make her his perfect match. “I love that she knows how to take care of herself, obviously, because I needed to be with somebody confident,” he told Men’s Health magazine. “It takes a really strong and secure individual to handle the types of projects I’ve done. But when we’re at home, we’re opposites in all the best ways and we’re compatible in all the best ways. Masculine/feminine, yin and yang, whatever you want to call it.”

Joe Manganiello shared his favorite part about being married to Sofia Vergara

Joe, 42, and Sofia, 46, tied the knot after a whirlwind romance in 2015. While life as one of Hollywood’s leading men is great, being married to the Modern Family star is even better. “My life is great because I really like my wife,” he shared “I like talking to her. I like goofing around with her. We f---g laugh all day long every day.” He continued: “My favorite thing in the world is making my wife laugh so much she cries. It’s the best.” Adding: “We marathon Netflix and watch shows like Game of Thrones, Mindhunter, and Naked and Afraid.”

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According to the Drunk Parents actor, part of being a man consists not only of being respectful and taking care of “children, animals and the planet,” it’s being the best man he can be towards his wife. “I hold the door open for my wife, and that will never f---g change.” Later this year, Joe and Sophie will play opposite each other in Bottom of the 9th. Filming together was an experience like no other for the A-list pair.

The Magic Mike star has been married to the Modern Family actress since 2015

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"It was so much fun for me! I wish I could work with him more," the Modern Family star told the magazine. "We shared a trailer and it was so great to drive to work and back together while rehearsing lines and drinking coffee. It was very easy for me to play the character that was in love with him. It was hard for me to see him get upset or really sad in the scenes. It made me want to cry."

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