Jennifer Lopez has never had an interview quite this tough! The megastar was grilled by her 11-year-old twins Emme and Max - from her marriage to Marc Anthony - and no subject was off the table. The cute pair - whom she affectionately calls "coconuts" - asked her plenty of personal questions. The revealing chat was uploaded to JLo's recently launched YouTube channel, much to the delight of her fans across the globe.

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In the segment, titled Twin Talk: Ask Me Anything with Emme + Max, Jennifer's children ask her what she was like at their age. And she confesses: "I used to get in trouble all the time.” Jennifer added that she was a lot like Max and "more of a tomboy" than a girlie girl. And get this - she used to sneak out of the house through her bedroom window! "My room was on the second floor and there was a little roof," she explained. "And underneath it, there was like a shed. So I used to put a ladder on the shed and climb down and then jump off the roof of the shed."

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Max and Emme were also interested to know what their grandmother Guadalupe Rodríguez was like as a mom. She replied: "My favourite thing about grandma, and you know this about her, because she's fun now - apart from the fact that she's crazy - is that she was a fun mom. Jennifer explained that her mother got married at 20 and had three young children - Jennifer and her sisters Leslie and Lynda -  by the time she was 26. "At times it was almost like having a big sister," she said.

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The actress confessed that for her part, becoming a mom at 37 was also challenging at times. "It was hard, and I wanted to jump out of the window at times," she admitted. "Because when one of you cried the other one cried and I was like, 'Argh! What do I do?'."

The children were also curious to know about the moment Jennifer learned she was carrying twins and what her reaction to the news of double trouble was. "When I realized I was pregnant, I was in Portugal," she recounted. "I was doing a big show. I just went away for two days. I was sat there, in my hair and makeup trailer, and here's what I felt. In my belly I felt a flutter. I felt like a little butterfly in my stomach and immediately I knew... So we went to the doctor, and they gave me an ultrasound on top of my belly. My belly was still flat." She explained that doctor pointed out something that looked like a grain of rice and said "that's the baby" before moving to another area and saying: "You see that other grain of rice, that's the other baby." And her reaction? "I was like, 'What?' and started laughing hysterically. I just couldn't believe it."

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The most tricky question of all

At one point there was a particularly tough question from Emmy, who asked: "Am I your favorite?" But Jennifer's answer was perfect. "I don't have a favorite. I don't believe in favorites. I could never think of one of you more than the other. I just don't understand that. I love you both so much.

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