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John Leguizamo stars in new Pepsi spot, talks 'honor' to represent Latin culture

John Leguizamo has Pepsi and pride! The veteran actor stars in Pepsi’s latest spot – which is making its official debut during the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday, April 25. The 54-year-old joins a long list of celebrities who have starred in ads for the beverage giant. For him, it’s a moment to make the Latin community proud. “I feel honored that I was chosen,” the Critical Thinking star told HOLA! USA. “I feel like we’re in a great time in some ways because people are making an effort for all of us to be seen. Pepsi went the extra mile to make sure that we had a seat at the table.”

John Leguizamo stars in an inspring Pepsi ad premiering during the Billboard Latin Music Awards 

In the 60-second spot, John races through the streets of his home city of New York as he overcomes different obstacles in order to make to his show on time. After running and jumping on a rickshaw bike, the star makes it to the venue just in time to crack open a Pepsi and hit the stage as the curtain rises. The message is don’t let the little things get in the way. “I love the concept,” he shared. “I guess Pepsi was looking for somebody to represent something they are trying to put forth, which is we all can achieve our dreams if we follow our passions and we’re not going to let all the little things knock us down.”


Creating the commercial took a little bit of movie magic, as the Latin History for Morons star shot the spot in one of his favorite locations – Mexico City. “It was just wild to see New York City,” he said. “They brought in all of these hundreds of extras and it looked like New York; We had the subway, we had the taxis, we had the congestion, the New York attitude. They imported everything.”

The comedian's commercial inspires people to overcome every obstacle 

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Unfortunately, John won’t make it to the Billboard Latin Music Awards to see the spot premiere live. However, he is rooting for crowd favorite and fellow Puerto Rican, Bad Bunny. “I watch him on YouTube a lot.” Tune into the Billboard Latin Music Awards to see John in action for his latest ad. Stay up to date with HOLA! USA’s live coverage of the awards show.



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