Sean Paul and J Balvin

Sean Paul on working with J Balvin and how 'Contra La Pared' is uniting their cultures

J Balvin and Sean Paul are celebrating the success of their crossover hit Contra La Pared. Ahead of the 2019 Billboard Latin Music awards, the duo were presented with plagues in honor of the single reaching platinum status. “This is for the culture and for my mom,” the Colombian star proudly told cameras backstage at the Mandalay Bay events center on Wednesday, April 24. “He’s [Sean Paul] a legend,” he continued. “I’m grateful. It’s such an honor to receive this with the master. It’s such a blessing." Ahead of joining J on stage at the awards ceremony, airing on April 25, Sean echoed J's sentiments and spoke to HOLA! USA about the history of the single and the importance of merging their cultures.

Sean Paul and J Balvin will perform their single Contra La Pared during the Billboard Latin Music Awards

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HOLA! USA: How excited are you for tomorrow?
Sean Paul: "Amazing! It’s a big platform for me. We’ve been working on this song for a minute so just kind of vibing and getting it out of there. The whole Latin culture has been showing me love for many years and I'm proud to be here and represent."

 How did the collaboration for Contra La Pared come about?
"We know each other from buying a slice of pizza at an album launch in Puerto Rico. We did a song with Major Lazer a couple years ago. That went pretty well. I got this track from Tainy and I was like 'if I get J on this it’s going to pop' and I sent it to him [J Balvin] and he was like 'fire fire fire.' I think it was history from there."

The dancehall performer shared the importance using music to blend their cultures 

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 What’s your reaction to having a song with one of the biggest latin artist out? 
"A little awkward for me, because can’t speak full Spanish. People tell me your pronunciation is good and I'm pretty sure it’s not so good. It’s about the music and about the vibe for me."

What does it mean to merge your cultures?
"I get to push my culture in a different territory and him also. He’s very aware of dancehall culture and he knows a lot of the producers and artist and that’s important to me too. The music is so similar we should know more about each other, music breaks it down."

What are you looking forward to the most tomorrow outside of your performance?
"Just the beautiful women and Vegas and all."



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