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Súbeme la radio, Enrique Iglesias is on! Watch the superstar's rise to fame

Enrique Iglesias has conquered many hearts and achieved just as many milestones throughout his career. He has charmed people in Spanish and English, in the United States and in the rest of the world, with a seamless transition across multiple music genres. 

Throughout his 20+ years in the music world, Enrique has released more than 50 singles and had multiple worldwide hits. As the years progressed, his music evolved, too, and the singer continued to make a name for himself by experimenting in multiple musical genres, finding chart success along the way.

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Enrique’s first album arguably had some foundation in his father’s romantic ballads with pop-rock Spanish-language slow jams. But a few years later, with his fourth album, Enrique expanded his audience with his English-language debut single, which moved away from ballads and leaned closer to an R&B beat.

Throughout the 2000s and beyond Enrique has continued to travel across musical genres and languages, releasing the Latin pop song Bailando and Súbeme la radio, adapting the urban beat for El Baño, and diving into trap with his collaboration with Jon Z on Después Que Te Perdí.

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