Lauren Jauregui

It's easy to first think of Fifth Harmony when the name Lauren Jauregui is mentioned, but the 22-year-old Cuban-American artist is quickly making a name for herself as a solo artist. She's released a head-bopping new single More Than That and is slated to release her first album later this year. In an interview with Euphoria. Magazine, the singer opens up about her solo journey, her sexuality and the woman who inspire her.

In an interview with Euphoria. Magazine, Lauren Jauregui opens up about her solo career and her sexuality Photo: Instagram/LaurenJauregui

Fifth Harmony's sound was girl group pop, but Lauren's solo sounds are more R&B. “I’m leaning more towards live instrumentation and my vocals are very raw so I’m really focusing on my lyricism," she told Euphoria. Magazine. "That’s where I feel like my strong suit is. I’m pretty vocal about the fact that [Fifth Harmony] wasn’t necessarily a representation of my personal taste in music or my expression in music. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that…”

Since the breakup of the band, Lauren has gotten the opportunity to work with artists she admires. “I’ve been in rooms with people I never could have imagined being in rooms with," she said. I’ve just been making music that I’m really proud of and speaks to my personal journey and my experience.”

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During the interview, the More Than That singer also opened up about her sexuality. As far as she's concerned, sexuality shouldn't be someone's defining factor. “For me, it is who I am, but it doesn’t define who I am, the same way no one’s sexuality defines who they are," she explained. "It’s awesome to be proud of the love you’re able to express in this lifetime. I would prefer if most of the headlines weren’t about [my sexuality], but I understand the sensationalization of sex in our culture so I don’t really care too much at the same time.”

Besides music, Lauren is also interested in making our country better. Using her platform, she raises awreness for human rights and education, problems faced by the LGBTQ+ community and electoral voting. There is one woman in Congress that inspires her everyday. “[Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] is a major idol for me right now," she shared. "You know when your mom walks in and is like, ‘Okay. This is how it’s gonna get done. I’ve seen you struggle long enough – I’m just gonna fix this...’ She’s insanely human and she actually takes her position in public office seriously.”

As for her future plans, the singer is ready to show the world her true voice. "I’ve been delving into myself in ways I haven’t in a while and rediscovering my depth, voice and interests," she told HOLA! USA. "I’m excited to surprise people with what I’m making and I’m even more excited to hopefully give them a little piece of my soul [so] that can help them navigate theirs in some way. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to create and work with the people I have, it’s been a dream of an experience. " 

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