Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes reveals she has multiple #OOTDs and what she’d wear on a date night with Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes is one lucky lady, but the truth is, the actress is incredibly hard-working as well, balancing motherhood and a career in Hollywood. Besides being a mother to her two beautiful little girls, Esmeralda, 4, and Amada, 2, the Cuban-American actress and businesswoman leads a plentiful life and successful career. So where does that leave her longtime love and father of her children, Ryan Gosling, 38, you ask? Fear not as according to a recent interview with People, the 44-year-old and her beau are committed to making the time to go out on date nights.

Eva reveals her daily wardrobe consists of "lots of t-shirts"

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Although she didn’t specify, Eva did mention what she would wear: an emerald wrap dress with white polka dots from her upcoming April collection with New York and Company. From the likes of her flirty sartorial choice it seems like they would go on a romantic candle-lit dinner or perhaps a dreamy boat ride? Either way, date night sounds like a perfect plan for these two as they each have demanding careers.

The mom-of-two says she would wear an emerald wrap dress with white polka dots on a date with Ryan 

As for her daily looks, the mom-of-two admits there are multiple outfit changes mainly consisting of t-shirts since things can get messy in their household. “We go through a few outfits a day just because of all the fun stuff [we do] — we made some homemade Play-Doh the other day,” she said. “I really let them explore whether it’s out in the garden or even in our own kitchen. I give them a lot of things so they can have sensory play. So they’re constantly getting dirty, which is how it should be. Lots of T-shirts,” she added.

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On a separate recent interview Eva opened up about being a ‘helicopter parent.’ There’s that term ‘helicopter parent, but aren’t you supposed to be a helicopter parent?” she told Extra. “I’m strict about what they eat, and what they wear, and what time they go to bed. And what they watch,” she explained.

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