Suzette and Selena Quintanilla

Selena Quintanilla’s sister shares a sweet memory behind one of the late singer’s most iconic outfits

As we approach the queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla’s death anniversary, it’s inevitable not to think of all the ways she touched her fans and loved ones. Of course, her sister Suzette Quintanilla is one who will always and forever remember her younger sister’s legacy, no matter what day it is, and on her latest Instagram post not only did she share a great picture, but she also told a sweet anecdote behind one of the late Tejano singer’s most iconic outfits. The former drummer posted a photo of herself with Selena, their father and the rest of the band.

Suzette took to Instagram to share a sweet story behind one of her sister's outfits

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She wrote, “I Remember this day like it was yesterday! We were in Monterrey Mexico! Selena walked in with this shoe box while the rest of us were dragging all our clothes in to decide what the heck we were gonna wear.” She continued, “I remember asking her, “Umm so what are you gonna wear? Where are your outfits?” She smiles big , kinda sneaky like and said, “ ITS RIGHT IN HERE!!”

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Suzette explained, “It was a one piece that was all connected with mesh fishnet leggings, midriff and sleeves. My look was kinda like this 😳 lol Like a whole outfit in a box!! WOW!! Lol 😂 So friends this is the outfit she had in this shoe box! She ROCKED the look and was so on point on style! 🙌🏼💜 Great memories of my life with the best Band EVERRRR!” Besides music, Selena was also passionate about fashion and even went on to produce her own clothing and accessories line.


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The 1997 film, Selena which stars Jennifer Lopez as the late Mexican-American singer shows a scene where her father played by Edward James Olmos becomes utterly upset for showing up onstage with "a bra with little sprinkly things on it." But Selena quickly clarifies it's a bustier and argues it's the style worn by iconic stars of the era. "Look all the singers are doing it. It's the style – Madonna, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul," she says. 

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