Victoria Beckham

Let's state the obvious: Victoria Beckham has not been 'Posh Spice' for quite some time. Since the Spice Girls split the first time around, this fashionista has been a busy bee. She has shown the world that although the fame she earned being one-fifth of the Spice Girls propelled her to the world stage, her talents extend far beyond her singing abilities. Mrs. Beckham does in fact continue to rule the fashion charts - at least, that is her mission.

After dabbling in a few fashion-related ventures, Victoria debut her own high-end clothing brand, Victoria Beckham, which soon had her ranking among other elite luxury apparel brands. A few years later, she created the brand Victoria, another clothing brand with a slightly marked difference: it came with a more affordable price tag!

By 2018 the mother-of-four owned four clothing brands. In 2019, she announced the launch of a beauty company as well as a new endeavor through YouTube. You read that correctly: Miss Posh Spice will create her own YouTube channel! Take a look and see how this sassy lady has spiced up her life in the last decade.


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