Yalitza Aparicio's success in her role as Cleo in the film Roma has completely transformed her life. And now, the Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca native has a set of new goals in her life. One of them is to stand out in Hollywood – which is why she is getting ready to learn English. During an interview, the 25-year-old revealed she wants to continue learning about the film industry so that she can place herself at the "mecca of film."

Yalitza AparicioVIEW GALLERY Yalitza is ready to start learning English and conquer Hollywood

"In regards to not continuing (acting) which I was asked directly, I said, 'yes' I would like to continue. In fact, I had mentioned that one of my first resolutions is to learn English. I don’t know if that means here in Hollywood. As you may have realized, even though it is a Mexican film, it has had great importance, and there may be many other Mexican films that can reach the same stature," she said.

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As to how she prepared for the film by Alfonso Cuarón, Yalitza shared that she worked very hard to make her performance as accurate as possible – something she achieved thanks to her mother and the long conversations she had with "Libo." Liboria Rodriguez, Cuarón’s nanny who was the foundation of the story.

"My mother has been a domestic worker for many years, so I had the opportunity to learn a little about her work and in this film I tried to combine how she was, things I remembered about how she did her job, and also other things that "Libo" had said. I was mixing those things to personify the character," the actress revealed.

Yalitza Aparicio, Alfonso Cuarón y Libo RodríguezVIEW GALLERY The 25-year-old wishes to remain in the film industry

The young woman, who is nominated for an Oscar Award for Best Actress, did not miss the opportunity to thank Cuarón. "He is a great director, and best of all, he teaches you to fight for more things, to not be a conformist, and personally he helped me to trust myself and realize that I could do things I had never thought possible," she concluded.

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But Alfonso Cuarón hasn’t been the only one to guide Yalitza on her path to fame and success. Other celebrities have expressed their support and wished her well and given her advice. Actress Adriana Barraza, who was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Babel (2006), spoke with the Mexican television show, De Primera Mano, about Yalitza. "When I spoke on the phone with Yalitza, I said, 'look, what I can tell you, is that God is going to give you what you need, not what you want; and second, study Yalitza, study so that you can sustain all the wonderful things that are coming to you,'" Adriana said.

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