Thalía is bursting with excitement thanks to all the positive feedback she’s received for her new video for her latest hit single with Lali Espósito, Lindo Pero Bruto. It’s safe to say the lyrics to her new song have caused a bit of a controversy. Some fans have interepreted the latest single as containing an anti-male message. However, Thalía has admitted it’s really a song about empowering anyone who listens to it – especially women.

Thalía promociona su nuevo sencillo Lindo pero BrutoVIEW GALLERY The Mexican singer transforms into a real-life doll in her latest video Photo: Instagram/@thalia

In an interview with Despierta America, Thalía responded to comments over the controversy that’s arisen over her song and whether she’s worried about male followers who might be offended by the track. “How many centuries, how many years have gone by for a song like this to exist. We’ve truly (as women) lived so many decades in which the roles have been the complete opposite, and it’s now a time in which things are said as they are, there’s no filter,” she said while smiling. 

“I think women today, we’re more united, more solid than ever in all aspects: political, artistic, religious, social. And I think it’s time to have fun – to speak our minds,” added the beautiful singer in response to what would happen if someone told a woman she was “beautiful but stupid.”

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Aside from the controversy surrounding their latest hit, the Mexican and Argentine singers find themselves content with the response they’ve received regarding their colorful video – a concept that was born from Thalía’s imagination. The idea came to her years ago, but it wasn't until now that she was able to make it a reality. "We’re truly really happy," she said. "It was a song that, since we first heard it, we fell in love with it. The video was a marvelous concept. I think we’ve cracked the visual scheme because it’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s daring, it’s cute – it has our sense of humor.”

Lindo pero bruto, el nuevo sencillo de ThalíaVIEW GALLERY Thalía and Lali launched the video of the new hti single, Lindo Pero Bruto Photo: Instagram/@thalia

The No Me Acuerdo singer discussed the inspiration behind her new video, in which she transforms into a real-life plastic doll inside an entirely pink world. “I’ve always been a fan of an '80s film called Weird Science. So when I heard the song I wanted to give it that theme of a plastic world – a fun world where the thought of “being cute, but stupid” wouldn’t come across as something serious, but instead something fun.  It was the perfect moment for creating this idea that I’ve kept for years. I share it with Lali, and being as crazy as I am, she said, “Let’s do it,” added Thalía.

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It's been only one day since the launch of the Lindo Pero Bruto video, and it’s already garnered more than one million views – a record that’s not easily obtained and that the duo has earned thanks to their hard work.

Thalía's Clone

In the same interview, Thalía expressed her excitement over her new partner, Argentine singer Lali Espósito. She said she felt connected to her and comfortable in the collaboration, so much so that she even felt she had found her "mini-me."

Thalía y sus rizosVIEW GALLERY The singer explained the true meaning behind the controversial lyrics Photo: Instagram/@thalia

“It’s like she’s my clone, in that we’re perfectionists. We have a school of practice, of preparation and of a lot knowledge on how to respect your partner’s time, how to give people something that’s perfect. And it’s very nice to find along the way, after so much time, an accomplice,” she said in regards to her lovely partner. “That’s why we want to tell you we’re getting married in March,” joked Lali after listening to Thalía.

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