Way beyond the fame and glamour Yalitza Aparicio has garnered due to her starring role in the Netflix hit, Roma, the Mexican actress is quite content with the way her fans have shown their affection towards her. Each day the 25-year-old can count on new fans who’ve become enthralled by her role as Cleo in the film written and produced by Alfonso Cuarón. Though her fans have brought to her attention their support and admiration in different ways, it appears it's the illustrated portraits that captivate her the most.

Yalitza AparicioVIEW GALLERY Yalitza is quite content with the way her fans have shown their admiration for her

In today’s social media era Yalitza herself can’t escape the curiosity for finding posts in which she is tagged, and of which have multiplied since the movie premiered. Looking through these posts is how she came across a striking illustration of herself. The actress, who hails from Oaxaca, was quick to share the piece of art with her close to 400,000 Instagram followers. She captioned the image done by the artist Jesús Sánchez for the Mexican newspaper Excélsior with, “It’s incredible how I found this looking through the photos where I’m tagged. Thank you.”

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The portrait features Yalitza during the red carpet on the night before Roma premiered where the former educator appeared at the American Cinematheque Egyptian Theater in California last December. The movie star looked stunning that night in a gorgeous one-shoulder gown by Valentino. Yalitza complemented her dress with an elegant low bun and long dangly earrings.

Yalitza AparicioVIEW GALLERY Yalitza shared a striking illustration of herself done by the artist Jesús Sánchez Photo: Instagram/@yalitzaapariciomtz

The role that changed her life

Alfonso Cuarón revealed on The Tonight Show that Yalitza accepted auditioning for the role of Cleo instead of her sister because was pregnant. She then said yes to do the film because “she had nothing better to do,” he said. However, Yalitza never imagined the fame that would lie ahead and for her name to become worldly recognized. While promoting the film, the young star has taken on the opportunity to travel the world. Not only does she share breathtaking photos of her native Oaxaca, but she also posts her visits to London, Los Angeles, Venice and New York.

Yalitza AparicioVIEW GALLERY While promoting the film, the Mexican actress has taken on traveling the world 

As if it that weren’t enough, her style has also left a mark on this year’s awards season. Before the Critics Choice Awards, Yalitza graced the red carpet in a blush, silk-chiffon pleated gown by Prada that featured a side train and contrasting black embellished panel bodice. She wore her hair in long tousled waves and kept glam for the special evening with chic smokey eyes and berry lips.

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