Find out how Taylor Swift helped Ben Affleck become the coolest dad

The award for the best father goes to Ben Affleck! The 44-year-old actor won major cool points with his two daughters, Violet, ten and seven-year-old Seraphina, when he introduced them to none other than Taylor Swift.

"I introduced my two girls to Taylor Swift," The Accountant star told Entertainment Tonight while promoting the film. "It was like God came down and walked on water. They didn't say a thing. They were totally frozen."


Ben introduced his daughters to Taylor Swift Photo: PA

Ben, who shares one more child, four-year-old Samuel with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, didn't spill any details on where the meeting with the Shake it Off singer occurred or when it took place. However, he did add that he loves it when his children spend time with him on set. "It's good to have your kids be aware of what you do, and part of your life," he said. "It's good for them to know where I'm going when I go to work and what that looks like and what the environment is."


While the kids do enjoy it, the Batman vs. Superman star shared that all of the excitement is coming to an end. "They're kind of over it. They're not impressed by it," he said. "It's kind of hard to get them to the set because they know it's boring, but they get candy."

Ben shared that he and Jennifer both help their children with homework Photo: PA

Off set, Ben and Jennifer, 44, who have be co-parenting since calling time on their marriage in June 2015, are both extremely hands on with their kids. "I was doing math homework last night," Ben, who plays a numbers wiz in his new film told E! News last Friday. "Jen [Garner]'s very good at math [too]. So far, my eldest kid is in fifth grade and they haven't passed me yet. But I feel like in seventh or eighth grade I'm going to start worrying that they're going to lose me."

Ben has a magical date night out with his daughter

When it comes to what parent takes which subject, Ben says they just "do it, how we do it," because being hands on is important. "It's important to be involved with your kids' schoolwork so you know what's going on and what they're doing and what you're supposed to be supporting and going to school nights."

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