Kate Hudson talks about her 'daredevil' son and what it was like working with Kurt Russell

Kate Hudson has a son with a wild side! The 37-year-old actress shared that her youngest boy has a little bit of a dangerous streak. "They're both musical," she told Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday when asked about what her boys, Ryder, 12, and Bingham, five, are like. "I think Bing is more of a daredevil than Ryder."

She continued: "Although, Ryder does love sports, Bing is the one you have to be careful with. He's already skating off ramps. He loves to skateboard."


Kate said that her youngest son Bing is quite the daredevil Photo: Instagram/@katehudson

While Kate shares a lot of mother-son moments with her boys, the Almost Famous actress got to spend some quality father-daughter time with mom Goldie Hawn's longtime love Kurt Russell on the set of their new film Deepwater Horizon. Though the 65-year-old actor is not her biological father, Kate has considered him a father-figure all these years and was happy to do the movie with him.

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"You know it was kind of simultaneous," she told the host about the chance to work with her 'pa' in New Orleans. "We both got it at the same time, and I called him and was like 'Did you get this script? Do they realize that you're my dad and I'm your daughter?,'" she quipped. "We just talked about it and it was such a great script."

Kate worked with her father on her latest film Deepwater Horizon Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage


The film, about the BP oil spill disaster, is the first time Kate and Kurt have worked together on screen. "We had like one little moment in the movie and then that's it," she explained. "You know it was kind of cool, cuz I was back on set with my dad and it reminded me of being a little kid and where I feel in love with movies, and how much time I spent on movie sets with him. I don't know, there was something beautifully wistful about being on the set with my dad."


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