Gianluca Vacchi: The dancing viral star's greatest Instagram moments

Since dancing his way onto the scene in a now-viral video with his model wife Giorgia Gabriele, Gianluca Vacchi has taken the world by storm, begging the question, just who exactly is Zac Efron's pal? Well, apart from riding horses shirtless with the High School Musical alum, the 48-year-old Italian tycoon heads up the manufacturing company SEA Società Europea Autocaravan and lives his best life for everyone to see on Instagram.

From his adrenaline-seeking ways to his love for pajamas, here is everything you need to know about the eccentric businessman and his 'GV Lifestyle'.


Riding on the beach me and Z...enjoy @zacefron #GVlifestyle

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1. He's best friends with Zac Efron
The actor lived la dolce vita with Gianluca back in 2014, while vacationing with him in Italy. The duo enjoyed shirtless horseback rides on the beach, danced on tables to Jason Derulo's Wiggle and showed off their synchronized diving skills off of yachts — if that's not a bromance then we don't know what is!

At the time, Zac professed his adoration for the businessman on Instagram, sharing a solo shot of Gianluca with a caption that read: "To my friend @gianlucavacchi – the real life 'most interesting man in the world', never above you, never below – always by your side. Luv and respect.'"

2. He's a lifestyle guru
When you've branded your lifestyle with its own personal name, you know you're doing something right! As evidenced by his social media, Gianluca lives a life many dream of, lounging on lavish yachts, riding a Harley Davidson and traveling via private jet with his Hermes luggage in tow.

Photo: Instagram/@gianlucavacchi

He's also not afraid of getting his fine Italian threads wet when it comes to riding a jet ski at the beach. Attached to a video of him playing with the sea-faring toy, he wrote, "In life it doesn't matter what you drive, is how you drive it that makes the difference. Enjoy."

3. He loves his pajamas
While he's rolling in the dough, Gianluca can appreciate the simple things in life like a pair of comfortable sleepwear. The businessman has shared a number of photos of himself hanging around his pool deck in his printed pajama shirts and trousers. On one occasion he noted, "Always pajamas to go on the boat or on the beach."

Photo: Instagram/@gianlucavacchi

4. He's an adrenaline-junkie
When it comes to his lifestyle, the Internet star likes to live on the wild side. The action man has taken riding his motorcycle to new heights, standing on top of his Harley Davidson's seat — naturally while wearing pajamas — as the bike was still in motion, cruising down a curved hillside.

Gianluca's daredevil ways have also played out on the high seas with his "crazy sailing" – hanging off a boat's boom. Apart from his adventurous activities above sea level, the Italian tycoon has also taken his intrepid antics below the water with underwater cycling in a pool.

5. He can dance!
No surprise since it's his impressive moves that propelled him into the spotlight. Whether he's doing La Samba in a tuxedo by a pool or shaking it in a swimsuit to Pitbull's Echa Pa'lla (Maños Pa' Arriba), this businessman lets his fancy footwork do all the talking.

(Bonus) Because we can't get enough of this:

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