Matt Damon drinks with the locals at a UK pub and leaves a generous tip

A Hollywood actor walks into a bar... No, it's not the opening line of a joke! Guests at a small pub in the UK were shocked when Matt Damon stopped in and had a couple of drinks with the locals.


Matt Damon stopped by a local pub in Redbourn for a quick drink and left a hefty tip
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The 45-year-oldstar stopped into Chequers Inn in Redbourn, England on Monday night for a quick drink. Although the Academy Award winning actor tried to keep a low profile, it wasn't long before his cover was blown and the Boston native reacted in the best way possible.

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"When Matt first came in, we couldn't tell if it was really him," deputy manager Marcus Fairall told HELLO!. "But then somebody else came into the pub and said, 'Oh my God, I've just seen Matt Damon!'"

He continued: "He was just looking for a quiet drink in a country pub, but then everybody found out who he was and he was really chatty and funny, he spoke to all the guests, signed autographs and had pictures – he was just a really nice guy."

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A surprised fan got snap a picture with the superstar, who enjoyed a pint of Guinness before catching his private jet, and shared it on his Twitter account.

"Highlight of the day, Matt Damon randomly having a pint in the chequers. Raymundo couldn't resist a team america gag," the fan tweeted next to the photo of him standing side by side with the actor.

Marcus revealed Matt was joined by one friend and their driver. "He was just normal, he wasn't looking to own the place," he recalled. "Matt had a few pints of Guinness before heading off to Luton airport to catch his private jet."

Matt didn't leave without taking care of his bartenders. Marcus shared that the Bourne Identity star left a hefty tip, around $100 each for the barman and the waitresses who were on duty. "They loved it, but all tried to get him to sign the notes but he said he wasn't allowed to. Instead he signed paper for each of them and they're all going to frame them along with the notes. They're not changing them up."

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