Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone talk fashion, family life and what they disagree about on set

He's the director and she's the star! And while they usually see eye to eye, The Boss team Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone, who also worked together on Tammy, have revealed there is one thing they always disagree about on set.

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone talked their new film The Boss Photo: Getty Images
"The only time that we ever have a disagreement is when she wants to do every moment of every stunt," Ben revealed at the AOL Build speaker series on Wednesday.

Melissa laughed: "Like, I can hit a wall. I may not be able to get up afterwards, but I can do it! There’s something wrong with me that I always want to do it. I do everything that I’m legally allowed to do – sometimes the studio will come in and be like, 'No.'"

In The Boss, Melissa plays billionaire-turned-convict Michelle Darnell, a no-nonsense business woman with a bit of a temper and the ability to push people away. The star, who will also be seen in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, admits that although she loved slipping into the red wig for the character, her own personality is "the exact opposite." She noted: "I want my family, I want Ben, I want my dog. Like, I’m always huddling people together.”

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Melissa and Ben have been married for 10 years Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to the world of fashion, Melissa has no problem being the boss. The Spy star shared that she makes every decision in regards to her Melissa McCarthy Seven7 clothing line.

"I do every fitting, I do every print," she shared. "I’m at every single session. I do every single piece of clothing – I'm maniacal. There’s a lot of people that wish I wouldn’t do that and they’re like, 'One of these days she has to stop coming." But I’m relentless!"

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When she isn't using Ben as her own personal "dolly" for menswear inspiration, Melissa admits her main focus is creating clothing that make all women feel good.

The clothing designer shared that she looks to Ben for possible menswear inspiration Photo: Getty Images

“If you get dressed every day it’s going to take you six minutes to put whatever you’re going to wear on anyway," she said. "If you put it on and you go, 'All right, lets go get them' – that makes you feel good about yourself. I think that can change how you feel about yourself all day."

She continued: "When [you] feel better about yourself, you’re a lot more patient to the guy at the coffee shop. I think it has a snowball affect of our self worth and feeling good about ourselves.

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"I love that we can do that and get that to other women, and I’m just having a blast with it. I’m trying to break down the kind of categorizing groups, and I just make clothing for women. Women come in all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds and I love them all and I want to put them all in patterned pants."

Melissa, 45, and Ben, 42, have been married for ten years, and are parents to daughters, Vivian, 8, and Georgette, 6.

Catch Melissa and Ben in The Boss, when it hits theaters nationwide Friday.

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