It's a boy! Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe Meyers welcomed their first child — a son — on Easter.

Following the breaking news Sunday evening, the Late Night host tweeted his thanks to fans on Monday. He wrote, "Thank you, everyone for the kind words! Mom and baby are doing great!!!"

Photo: Getty Images

The 42-year-old jokingly added, "I can also confirm that when you have a baby in New York you pretty much just sing "The Schuyler Sisters" for the first 12 hours."

The first time parents have yet to share additional details on their little boy, though Seth is expected to discuss the family's new arrival on his NBC show, Tuesday (via Us Weekly).

The TV host and his human-rights lawyer wife, who tied the knot back in 2013, revealed that they were expecting last fall. A week before the March 27th arrival, the dad-to-be prepared by assembling his son's crib, which he called, "My proudest accomplishment."

Discussing his impending bundle of joy earlier this month, Seth told People magazine, "I'm most looking forward to seeing who it looks like, that's the first thing out of the gate.

He continued, "Although … a lot of people have said my wife and I look alike, so I think that's the one thing we know, is that the child will look like us. If not, there's a real problem."

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