Heidi Klum on life after Seal: 'I'm a mom and a dad at the same time'

Even though Heidi Klum and singer Seal divorced in 2012, it hasn't been a big adjustment to her life. “Obviously things have changed, but they haven’t changed drastically," Heidi told Redbook of life now with her and his four children. "[Seal] was never your typical dad who left for work in the morning with his briefcase and would be home by dinnertime every night. He traveled a lot. The kids knew it was part of his job. I’m a mom and a dad at the same time.”

Heidi Klum has revealed after her divorce from Seal she has had to be the "mom and the dad" for her four children Photo: Redbook

The supermodel admitted that sometimes it can be challenging being a single mother bringing up four children but feels that women have the ability to adapt and to multi-task the challenges that they face. “Women are capable of juggling a lot of balls – we do things that guys just cannot do. Men typically can juggle only one ball, and even then they’re like, ‘I’m confused. Should I put it in my right or left hand?’" the 42-year-old said. "A lot of them have a very hard time just trying to figure out what to do with that one ball. And often they want us to hold that one too!”

Supermodel Heidi says she loves her body and even likes her "laugh lines" Photo: Redbook

The America's Got Talent judge and the "Kiss from a Rose" singer married in May of 2005 when she was 32. And as the German supermodel gets older, she even wishes there were things she could change about her body, but ultimately she has learned to love the skin she is in. “Would it be nice if my skin and body still looked the way it did when I was 25? Sure," she added. "But the fact is your body changes when you have children; you get wrinkles as you get older. I like that I have laugh lines from smiling too much."

We do too!

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