Charles Kelley on sister-in-law Katherine Heigl: 'She does get a bad rap'

While Katherine Heigl has previously addressed her reputation for being difficult on set, on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday it was the movie star's brother-in-law, Charles Kelley who chimed in with his own opinion on the topic.

“She does get a bad rap,” the "Only One Who Gets Me" singer said of his sister-in-law. “She’s actually a sweetheart.”

"She's a sweetheart," Charles says of sister-in-law Katherine Photo: Getty Images

The 27 Dresses actress is married to the Lady Antebellum band member’s brother Josh Kelley. The couple tied the knot in 2007 and have since adopted two little girls, Adalaide and Naleigh.

Charles, 34, revealed, “[Katherine] and my brother have like the coolest relationship I’ve ever seen. They like, they’re one of those people that you want to ultimately be like. They sit around, and they knit, and they cook on their days off.”

He continued, “I’m like, ‘Y’all are so relaxing.’ And they’ve got these two amazing little girls they’ve adopted and I’m obsessed with them.”

Charles and wife Cassie are expecting their first child Photo: Getty Images

Charles and his own wife, Cassie Kelley, are currently expecting their first child due any day now. The expectant mom revealed back in August that she and her country husband were pregnant with a boy after struggling with fertility. At the time Cassie said, "We're thankful. Blessed isn't strong enough of a word. We were up against incredible odds and it still happened."

When it comes to keeping the relationship happy, Charles, whose new album The Driver was released Friday, advised, “If you don’t watch Bravo, your marriage is going to go to hell!”

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