This has to be seen, to be believed. A Reddit user has shared a picture of her grandmother, and she looks just like pop superstar Taylor Swift. The user, who goes by the name of Christmaspencil, shared the photo with the caption: “When your Grandma looks like Taylor Swift.”

The picture, which also shows the user’s grandfather, has been viewed over 2.5 million times.

The reddit user's grandma shares a striking resemblance to Taylor Swift Photo: Imgur/@christmaspencil

This isn’t the first time that the Internet has come across a Taylor Swift look-alike. In March of last year, Instagram user Morgan Jensen uploaded a picture of her best friend Kasey, who also shares a striking resemblance with the 26-year-old singer. The resemblance is so uncanny that even Taylor became a bit confused. “Lol, thought it was me,” wrote the singer when she re-shared the photo.

Kasey looks so much like Taylor even the singer couldn't tell the difference Photo: Instagram/@morgenjensen

Only a few weeks ago, Taylor met with another one of her look-alikes during the Australian leg of her "1989" tour. Having spotted Olivia Sturgiss' photos on Tumblr, the Pennsylvania native invited the 19-year-old and her best friend to hangout with her and her band after her Melbourne concert. According to Olivia's friend Kristy, the songstress had seen pictures of her super fan and saw that "Liv lost her mom and wanted to send her condolences in person."

My two main babes. @taylorswift @_kristy_lee_ #loft89 #1989tourmelbourne #charliesangels #noitsliv #tayliv

A photo posted by Olivia Sturgiss (@olivia_oblivious) on

Taylor has yet to speak out about her grandma doppelgänger, but this may be because the superstar has been enjoying time off over the festive holidays. For Christmas, the "Bad Blood" singer returned home after finishing her "1989" tour in Australia to spend time with her boyfriend Calvin Harris and family.

Making the most of the white Christmas in Colorado, the couple worked with her brother Austin to create the perfect holiday snowman. Proud of their creation, Taylor uploaded a picture of the three of them posing alongside the snowman for her 61.9 million followers. “Really proud of ourselves over here,” she captioned the shot, posing in black snow gear and a cozy bobble hat.

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