Because one Taylor Swift is not enough! The “Bad Blood” singer finally met her Instagram famous doppelgänger, Olivia Sturgiss, over the weekend. The 26-year-old came face-to-face with her lookalike fan while touring Down Under in Melbourne, Australia — and the photo from girls' epic meeting shows their striking resemblance.

My two main babes. @taylorswift @_kristy_lee_ #loft89 #1989tourmelbourne #charliesangels #noitsliv #tayliv

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Taylor and the 19-year-old Aussie, along with her friend Kristy Lee, documented the backstage meet and greet, posing with the iconic Charlie’s Angels pose. Olivia captioned the photo, "My two main babes. @taylorswift @_kristy_lee_ #loft89 #1989tourmelbourne #charliesangels#noitsliv #tayliv.”

According to Kristy, the songstress had seen Olivia on Tumblr and saw that "Liv lost her mum and wanted to send her condolences in person." Taylor, who revealed earlier this year that her mother is battling cancer, then invited the girls to Loft 89, which is the singer's after show meet and greet party.

Recalling the encounter on her Tumblr, Taylor's wrote doppelgänger, “Met Taylor Swift on 11th December 2015, and it was the greatest moment of my life.”

Prior to meeting her idol, Olivia had posted several photos showing off her uncanny resemblance to the pop star. The two share the same petite frame and short blonde locks. The self-proclaimed fan girl has well over 19,000 followers on Instagram.

See Olivia's resemblance to Taylor Swift below:

Is it a bird? Is it a cat-lover? #noitsliv #catmosphere #sydney #cats

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Liv freaking me out. @taylorswift #taylorswift #taylornation

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Just chillen with @_kristy_lee_ at Channel 7... y'know, as you do. #coolkids #selfie #werkit

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