Ellen DeGeneres asks Gwen Stefani if Blake Shelton is a good kisser: Video

How cute! Ellen DeGeneres got Gwen Stefani to blush by asking her if her new boyfriend, country singer Blake Shelton, is a good kisser.

During the pop singer's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedian initially skirted around the topic of Gwen and Blake's new relationship. But as the interview progressed, Ellen started talking about how much fun Gwen is having working as a judge on The Voice, while sneaking a flirty image of the pair up on the big screen behind them.

Gwen appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres show Friday Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

The 57-year-old talk show host said: "I've told you before, I love Blake. I think he's hilarious and really knowledgeable. He knows so much about music, doesn't he?"

Gwen, 46, admitted that she didn't know that he was so full of musical knowledge, in fact, she admitted that she didn't even know who Blake was prior to joining The Voice.

"Before I was on The Voice, I had never heard of him before," she said, while Ellen looked on in shock. "I didn't. I hadn't. I'm an OC girl. Like, what would I know? But he knows every single 1980's song. He literally is a musical jukebox. He knows everything about music, it's crazy."

The star talked about performing her new song "Used to Love You" Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

In true Ellen fashion, the host followed up the response with a very personal question. "So is he a good kisser, or no?," she asked the former No Doubt singer. Gwen just laughed off the question and answered: "You're so awesome."

Gwen and Blake, 39, confirmed their relationship earlier this month after they both went through public divorces tduring the summer. Blake divorced wife Miranda Lambert in July. Gwen announced a split from her musician husband Gavin Rossdale in August.

Two weeks ago, Gwen performed her brand new song "Used to Love You" on Ellen's show for the very first time. A move the singer admits was pretty hard. "It was super emotional," she said. "I even think I sang some of the lyrics wrong, like it was totally wrong. But nobody caught it."

Of writing and performing the new track, she added: "It's comforting, you know? And, also, music for me – it's what defines me. It validates me as a person. That's my whole thing. And if I can write a song, it's like, 'Yes!'."


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