Chris Hemsworth may play a superhero, but at home he’s the ultimate family man. The Vacation star opened up to Australia’s Daily Life about being a father to three little ones — daughter India Rose and twin sons Tristan and Sasha — whom he shares with his wife of five years, Elsa Pataky.

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"Each time you add one it feels like three more," Chris told the publication. "It feels like I have six. They're non-stop, active kids."

While raising three children under the age of three can be chaotic, Chris said, “The biggest thing I've learnt having kids is that now I know what love is.” He continued, “I know what frustration is. I know the full gamut of emotions, good and bad. I feel I had just scratched the surface prior."

The family of five currently live a “normal” life in Australia. Unlike in Hollywood where cameras are ready to snap away at the Thor actor and his brood, Chris said, “We have a very normal existence, people are very respectful, and that was why we chose to come here.”

Los motores de mi vida / The engines of my life  #family #happiness #beautifulLife #loveThem #father #daughter

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It’s also familiar for the actor who hails from Down Under, along with his famous brothers Liam and Luke. When it comes to his brothers, the 32-year-old admitted, “They are the best support I have, and hopefully vice versa.”

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And while the Hemsworth men are busy these days with their own projects, they still make time for their mom and dad. Speaking of his parents, Chris said, "They joke that they're reliving their youth traveling with us. I'll say, 'What are you doing the next few months, Mum? And she'll say, 'I don't know, where's the next premiere?'”

He added, "We laugh and shake our heads and don't try to dissect it too much. We might jinx it."

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