Sofia Vergara talks kids with Joe Manganiello: 'I'll need help, but I don't mind'

First comes love, then comes marriage then comes baby in a baby carriage. Ever since Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello became a couple in 2014, the number one question on people's minds hasn't been when are they tying the knot, but with those good looks, when are they having kids!

Now, the Modern Family star is opening up about their future as parents together. Sofia, who already has a 23-year-old son Manolo, knows that time is of the essence. "I'm really borderline at my age to do it," the 43-year-old said in an interview with InStyle for its October cover. "And if I'm going to do it, I would need a surrogate."

She added: "I'll need help. But I don't mind it; it's fine."

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara Photo: Getty Images

The Emmy nominee previously had her eggs frozen in 2013 when she was engaged to Nick Loeb, and earlier this year he filed a suit claiming that the pair had undergone IVF and the resulting embryos were unsuccessfully implanted in a surrogate twice. Nick claimed that Sofia had wanted their remaining embryos destroyed, which she has denied.

For now, Sofia seems to be putting that drama behind her. On Wednesday, she posted a throwback picture on Instagram that showed her and her son, Manolo, when he was a toddler. "Feliz Cumpleanos to the best son in the world!!!" she captioned the cute photo.

Sofia talks marriage and babies in the October issue of InStyle

In the cover story, she also reiterated how she almost didn't go out with the True Blood hottie. "I didn't want to go out with him for a long time because I thought he was too good looking," Sofia said. "Like it's too much work, and I'm older. I'm 43 years old. I don't want to deal with a guy that every girl is after, you know?"

But she realized that Joe wasn't the playboy type. "He's not like a typical handsome guy," she said of the Magic Mike star. "He's not vain. He's very serious, very straightforward, very easy. Also, he doesn't drink. So that's great because he doesn't like to go out partying. And he can sit around a dinner table for hours with my family. He talks s--t and drinks Colombian coffee."

The pair, who began dating in July 2014, got engaged in December and are planning to tie the knot later this year.

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