Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello's wedding is a 'Modern Family' affair

Beautiful bride-to-be Sofia Vergara is planning to be surrounded by family at her wedding to Magic Mike XXL star Joe Manganiello – her Modern Family, that is. Her hilarious on-screen hubby Ed O'Neill has revealed that he will definitely be attending the nuptials, along with the rest of his Modern Family co-stars.

"Well of course I'm going," he told Entertainment Tonight at the D23 expo. "We're all going!" The actor, who plays Jay Pritchett in the sitcom, also had nothing but good things to say about his on-screen spouse.

Happy bdaaaay to me!!!

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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are set to tie the knot "She's the best. She's absolutely the best. We're all so happy for her. She's the greatest," Ed said.

Sofia and Joe got engaged over Christmas following a whirlwind relationship, and the pair have since been busy planning their big day. While the couple have revealed that their wedding date has been set, they have declined to give away many details except for that it's going to be a very "large" affair.

"I had to invite like all my family and Joe has a lot of friends, so it became bigger and bigger and bigger," Sofia told Ryan Seacrest in May.

Ed O'Neill said he and the Modern Family cast will attend the wedding Photo: © Getty Images

Ed is not the first of Sofia's Modern Family colleagues to express their excitement about her wedding; Julie Bowen told HELLO! that she is "psyched" to see Sofia's wedding dress, and that she fully approves of Sofia's fiancé Joe. "He's nothing but polite and lovely and more importantly he dotes on her, I love that."

She also expects the big day will be nothing short of spectacular. "Her family is like a party in a can," Julie revealed. "You just unleash the Colombians, and they just do like this mellow shake for like three days going. I'm not kidding you. They're like, 'It's Uncle Nando!' He's like 95, and he never sleeps, and he never stops dancing."

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