Sarah Ferguson reveals her secret to weight loss on QVC: a juicer

Sarah Ferguson has a pretty juicy weight loss secret! During an appearance on QVC, Prince Andrew's ex-wife, who earlier this year revealed she has dropped 55lbs, said she uses a special juicer – and jokingly calling the gadget her "boyfriend" as she gave it credit for helping her stay thin.

As she promoted the Fusion Xcelerator blender, the 55-year-old spoke about her struggles with her weight in the past and the cruel taunts she had endured, which she said "broke my heart."

Sarah Ferguson, pictured in May, appeared on the QVC shopping channel this week
Photo: Getty Images

Sarah took part in a live demonstration on how to make a breakfast smoothie containing lemon peel, cayenne pepper, pineapple and ginger as she talked about how the juicer helped her get back into shape. "I ballooned to about 192lbs," Sarah said. "I saw a picture of myself and I needed to change my life, and I went in search of the perfect way to change my life."

The Duchess, who has previously promoted Weight Watchers in the U.S., then thanked the American people for giving welcoming her and helping to build her confidence. "Americans have been so good to me," she said. "They helped me build my confidence. They gave my children their mother back because they believe in second chances. I've made a few mistakes, put on weight and done this, that and the other and now because of the American people, I wanted to be really honest with them."

Sarah, who includes her fave juicer on her website Duchess Discoveries, tweeted her excitement ahead of her appearance on the show. "Looking forward to talking about #Duchessdiscoveries on @QVS starting at midnight," she wrote.

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