Daughter of billionaire Richard Branson, Holly Branson has proudly posted two new photos of her baby twins, Etta and Artie. The 32-year-old first-time mom delighted her fans this week when she shared candid snapshots of her children on Instagram showing her twins lying side by side.

The twins look adorable with Artie wearing a cheeky smile as he puts his sister's hand in his mouth and little Etta stares seriously into the camera, which Holly played on in her caption for the photo, writing, "Mummy, Artie keeps eating my hand!!"

Mummy Artie keeps eating my hand!!

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The second photograph shows Holly, a close friend of the British royal family, posing with her 5-month-old daughter, who is dressed in a cute yellow top and polkadot trousers. Holly couldn’t look happier as she cuddles up to little Etta, who has inherited her mom's bright blue eyes. "Chilling with my girl. Thanks for the pic @belliebranson," she captioned the picture, crediting her sister-in-law Isabella Branson.

Holly and her husband Freddie Andrews welcomed their twins on December 20, the same date of their wedding anniversary, and also that of Holly's parents, Sir Richard Branson and Joan.

Just two months later, Holly's younger brother Sam Branson and his wife Isabella also became first-time parents. "Delighted to share the wonderful news that Isabella and Sam are the proud parents of a new baby girl: Eva-Deia Branson," proud grandfather Richard announced on his website. "She was born at 4:39 pm on February 19th, weighing 7.14 oz."

Chilling with my girl. Thanks for the pic @belliebranson

A photo posted by Holly Branson (@holly_branson) on

He added, "Joan and I are the luckiest grandparents alive to have three beautiful healthy grandkids in the space of two months."

Sir Richard also revealed that the couple had given their baby daughter a name close to their hearts. "They decided to name the baby after Sam's grandmother Eve," he said, referring to his 90-year-old mother Eve Branson.

"And one of the most beautiful villages in the world, Deia in Majorca. We spent many happy times there as a family at our little hotel La Residencia, and funnily enough Holly also loved the name before deciding upon the equally beautiful Etta and Artie. Perfect names for perfect babies!"

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