Even Cheryl Hines can't believe she's married to a Kennedy! The actress said "I do" to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in August of last year, but admitted it's wild that she wed into American royalty in a new interview.

"It's crazy," the 49-year-old actress said during a visit to KTLA 5 on Tuesday. Though she doesn't think about her husband's last name on a regular basis, she does say the powerful family history hits her when visiting his relatives' homes. "Only when I go to Ethel Kennedy's house and the family pictures are JFK and RFK and Teddy — that's the normal — 'oh there's Teddy playing tennis,'" she said.

Cheryl Hines admitted "it's crazy" being married to a Kennedy Photo: Getty Images

"There are those moments and I take a step back. Or you're playing trivial pursuit and there are questions about your family."

When asked if it would be easier to married to someone with a different last name, the former Curb Your Enthusiasm star said, "Sometimes." She added, "Everything has a positive, a challenge to it. When you're talking about something like that, it's such a big subject. So, for the most part, it's great."

Cheryl and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attended the Keep It Clean Comedy Benefit together Tuesday Photo: Getty Images

The Kennedys have been no strangers to controversy over the years, dealing with untimely deaths, affairs and arrests. But RFK Jr. has become an environmental activist and attended the Keep It Clean Comedy Benefit at Avalon in Los Angeles on Tuesday with his actress wife.

Cheryl donned a black and silver flowered dress, red heels and delicate earrings while Robert looked handsome in a black suit with blue shirt and polka-dot tie.

Dan Akroyd and Jon Lovitz were two performers at the L.A benefit Photo: Getty Images

"Keep It Clean is a campaign backed by Waterkeeper and we're trying to get the message out to keep water clean, keep it safe so people can drink it, swim in it and fish in it," she about the event. "We've brought together a bunch of comedians together such as Sarah Silverman, Ray Romano and Brad Garrett and everybody's getting up on stage and doing some funny things. We're raising some money and raising awareness to keep our water clean."

Watch Cheryl's interview below:

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