Selena Gomez hits Paris Fashion Week alongside Kim, Kanye and more stars

Selena Gomez is quite the jetsetter. After a fun Vegas trip with Taylor Swift, Elie Goulding and the Haim sisters, the stylish celebrity has popped up in Paris for Fashion Week.

Selena made her way to Paris Fashion Week Photo: Getty Images

The 22-year-old singer made her way to the Louis Vuitton show on Wednesday where she sat front row with Michelle Williams, Chloe Moretz, Dianna Agron, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Selena was all smiles for the camera in her printed dress and flowy brunette locks.

The singer sat front row with Dianna Agron and Chloe Moretz Photo: Getty Images

Kim and Kanye also made an appearance Photo: Getty Images

And there is no better place to celebrate the debut of her new video for “I Want You to Know,” which was released on Tuesday. Her producer and rumored beau Zedd recently opened up to Power 96.1 about how the song came to fruition.

“I met Selena randomly. I ran into her and she came into my studio,” he explained. “I played her all the music that I had and she played me some of the stuff that she’s been working on and we realized that there were songs that we could do together that’d sound really good.”

He continued, “We started working on the song together and recorded her vocals and realized that it sounds perfect, so I never tried anyone else on the song and it happened to be the first single from my album.”

Perfect it is! Watch the video below:

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