It's a girl for Terri Seymour and her boyfriend Clark Mallon! It was announced Monday that the British TV presenter gave birth in L.A. years after being told she might not ever have children.

Terri showed off her bump before giving birth to a baby girl Photo: Getty Images

The private couple has yet to release the name of their new bundle of joy and even kept the pregnancy a secret until the end of her first trimester. In an exclusive interview with HELLO!, Terri revealed that her ex-boyfriend Simon Cowell was actually one of the first to know.

"He said it was perfect timing with his son Eric being so young," she said. "And he hoped I would have a baby girl so he could set her up with Eric and they could date. ‘How perfect would that be,’ he said. Typical Simon.”

Clark and Terri took a bump selfie Photo: Instagram

Towards the end of the pregnancy the couple started sharing pictures with fans, including ones of Terri swimming in a maternity costume and sitting on a birthing ball. Her partner also posted an image of himself in a breastfeeding class with the caption: "Modern day daddy".

Terri snapped a picture of her birthing ball Photo: Instagram

Pharrell couldn't help but touch Terri's growing bump Photo: Instagram

Though she gave birth in L.A. and resides there, the 40-year-old is hoping to spend more time in Britain. “We want the baby to be schooled in the U.K.,” said Clark. Terri is from Little Chalfont in Buckinghamshire, while Clark, a successful model, is from North Wales.

Terri captioned this photo "lucky" Photo: Instagram

The new parents have been together for three years and were actually introduced by HELLO!'s contributing style editor Donna Air at her birthday party in London. And they couldn't be happier with the new addition to their lives. Clark told HELLO!, “We honestly feel so lucky — it’s a dream come true”.

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