Madonna has been making headlines lately with the release of her new album Rebel Heart, but it was her comments about Kanye West that have drummed up the latest attention.

Madonna revealed what she thinks of Kanye West Photo: Getty Images

The singer revealed in an interview that she thinks Kanye West would drive her crazy with his notorious outbursts. "He would drive me bonkers, because he's got so many things going on in his life," Madonna told Rolling Stone magazine on working with the rapper. "He can't help himself. He doesn't have the same filters other people have. He has to blurt things out, he's always saying inappropriate stuff."

Kanye interrupted Beck during his Grammy acceptance speech Photo: Getty Images

One of those inappropriate moments happened recently at the Grammy Awards, when Kanye stormed the stage in the middle of Beck's acceptance speech — something Madonna took issue with. "Don't go to awards shows looking for justice," she said. "That's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Just go and have fun. I think sometimes he takes things too seriously."

Madonna admits Kanye would drive her crazy Photo: Getty Images

But the Hung Up hitmaker did admit her admiration for Kanye's creativity. "This seemed to be the theme of my record — working with people who can't get off their phone, can't stop tweeting, can't focus and finish a song," she said. "It drove me crazy. But when they did pay attention, it was brilliant. I was, like, running around with a butterfly net."

Both musicians are known for their headline-making events in the music industry. Kanye's BRITs performance on Wednesday had to be heavily censored and Madonna was in the press for falling on stage.

Kanye's BRITs performance had to be censored Photo: Getty Images

Madonna also announced she will be embarking on a 35 city tour starting in Miami this summer.

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